Chorals ornés

Johann Sebastian Bach, Anouk Bereau, Yves Daoust, Jacinthe Dompierre, Gaston Miron, Matthieu Simard

Programme notes

Chorals ornés

Rereading of the 14 chorals from the Orgelbüchlein (1708-14) by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Chorals ornés [Ornamented Chorals] was realized in 2007-08 at the composer’s studio in Montréal, and premiered by Régis Rousseau, organ, and Yves Daoust, mixing, during the concert Remix de classiques! presented on October 2, 2008 by Orgue et couleurs, as part of their Festival d’automne at Église Saint-Nom-de-Jésus in Montréal. This work was commissioned by Orgue et couleurs and Réseaux des arts médiatiques, with support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ). Texts are taken from the following poems: Matthieu Simard: Je t’écris petit; read by Julie Daoust; Anouk Bereau: Lettre d’amour?; read by Philippe Martin; Gaston Miron: Liminaire, l’Homme rapaillé; read by Vincent Graton and Yves Daoust; Jacinthe Dompierre: Mon bel amour; read by Linda Sorgini, and; Anouk Bereau: Va, mon bien-aimé; read by the author. The 14 chorals are taken from Orgelbüchlein (1708-14) by Johann Sebastian Bach. Chorals ornés was selected for the 2009 Musical Composition Prize of the Prince Pierre Foundation (Monaco), in the Music Composition category, and it was awarded the “Premiere of the Year” at the 13th Prix Opus 2008-09 of the Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM).


  • October 2, 2008, Régis Rousseau, organ; Yves Daoust, diffusion • Fall Festival (2008): The Classics Remixed!, Église Saint-Nom-de-Jésus, Montréal (Québec)



In dir ist Freude

Vivid joy

Wenn wir in höchsten Nöthen sein


Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund


Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf


Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt

Chaos, despair

Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier

Tender love

Mit Fried und Freud fahr’ ich dahin

Confidence, resignation

Es ist das Heil uns kommen hier

Vivid joy

Das alte Jahr vergangnen ist

Sad resignation

Vom Himmel kam der Engel Schar

Joy, celebration

Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ


Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ

Sadness, pain

Christ lag in Todesbanden

Distress, despair

Alle Menschen müssen sterben

Serenity, peace

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