Sempre dolce

Ingrid Drese

Programme Notes

Sempre dolce

To Francis Dhomont

A friendship offering to Francis Dhomont, for his 80th birthday.

[English translation: François Couture, vi-09]

Sempre dolce was realized in 2006 at the composer’s studio and premiered on October 17, 2007 during the 14th international acousmatic festival L’Espace du son at Théâtre Marni (Brussels, Belgium). Sempre dolce was supported by the Service de la musique of the Direction générale de la culture, ministry of Communauté française de Belgique.


  • October 17, 2007, L’Espace du son 2007: Ouverture et anniversaire!, Théâtre Marni, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Instrumentation: fixed medium
  • Composer(s): Ingrid Drese
  • Year of composition: 2006
  • ISWC: T9063441134
  • Publisher(s): Ymx média
  • ISRC: CAD501010203

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