Le vertige inconnu

Gilles Gobeil

Programme notes

Le vertige inconnu

“… here, on the roof of the world, I feel a shadow of uneasiness… It’s not at all the height, nor the kind of suction exerted by the abrupt depths and its emptiness which troubles me. It’s an altogether different emptiness which affects an altogether different sense… the essence of solitude…”

Paul Valéry, Le solitaire


Le vertige inconnu [The Mysterious Vertigo] was realized in 1993 at the studios of the Groupe de musique expérimentale de Bourges (GMEB, France). It premiered in June 1993 at the 23rd Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Festival (France). Le vertige inconnu received the 1994 Stockholm Electronic Arts Award (Sweden) and was selected for the 1994 World Music Days (Stockholm, Sweden) and the 1994 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC ’94) in Danmark. The piece was commissioned by the GMEB, with support from the Canada Council [for the Arts] (CCA).[v-94] Since, Le vertige inconnu was awarded the prize of international competition Stockholm Electronic Arts Award (Sweden, 1994) and an Award of Distinction at the Prix Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria, 1995).


  • June 1993, Synthèse 1993: Concert, Bourges (Cher, France)


  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium
  • Composer(s): Gilles Gobeil
  • Year of composition: 1993-94
  • Commission: GMEB, with support from the CCA
  • ISWC: T0704791014
  • Publisher(s): Yul média
  • ISRC: CAD509411100

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