La Sera di Benevento

Giovanni Boccaccio, Barry Truax

Programme notes

La Sera di Benevento (or “Afternoon in Benevento”) is a soundscape composition based on environmental sounds from the town of Benevento (Italy), situated near Napoli. In particular, I imagined a hot, drowsy afternoon where the sounds of cicadas, a fountain and the local churchbell lull the listener into a reverie where these sounds mingle with a half-remembered lyric poem by the 14th-century poet Giovanni Boccaccio (as read by Giorgio Magnanensi). The afternoon is framed by sequences recorded at the local train station where the arrival of a train is announced and leads the listener’s “train of thought” into the afternoon’s daydream.

La Sera di Benevento was commissioned by Giordano Montecchi in conjunction with the Benevento Soundfiction project, and was first performed in the town itself where most of the recordings originated.

About this recording

Stereophonic 24-bit version realized in December 2014 for electrothèque.

  • Composer(s): Barry Truax
  • Writer(s): Giovanni Boccaccio
  • Year of composition: 1999
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium
  • Commission: Giordano Montecchi, Benevento Soundfiction
  • ISWC: T0713840028
  • Publisher(s): Cambridge Street Publishing
  • Duration: 10:01