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Exil, chant II

Saint-John Perse, Annette Vande Gorne

Programme notes

This admirable poem by Saint-John Perse has everything: rhythm, speed, movement, space, matter, numbers and form. The music provides the text with natural images/movements, their synthetic imitation and transformation being chosen for their expressiveness. The mix is symphony-like in its great variety of sound sources and creates standardised energetic textures, which either blend into each other vertically, or on the contrary, form contrapuntal chains.

[English translation: François Couture, ix-07]

Exil, chant II was realized in 1983 at the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio of Musiques & Recherches in Ohain (Belgium) and premiered on July 30, 1983 at Café-théâtre Stalker (Brussels, Belgium). The text is excerpted from the poem Exil (1942) by Saint-John Perse, © Éditions Gallimard (1945). The recorded reader is Annette Vande Gorne. The new version of the piece realized in 2006 received the support of the Fonds d’aide à la création radiophonique (FACR) of the ministry of Communauté française de Belgique.


  • July 30, 1983, Concert, Café-théâtre Stalker, Brussels (Belgium)
  • January 27, 2005, Premiere of the 5.1 version: Akousma (1): Exils: temps de crise, d’errance, de transformation, de renouveau, Studio Hydro-Québec — Monument-National, Montréal (Québec)
  • Composer(s): Annette Vande Gorne
  • Writer(s): Saint-John Perse
  • Year of composition: 1983, 2006
  • Instrumentation: stereo fixed medium
  • ISWC: T9004221856
  • Duration: 22:34
  • ISRC: CAD500810080