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Martin Bédard

Martin Bédard

My current work focuses mainly on deepening and exploring the discursive possibilities of digital audio music. In a time where sound creation is marked by a fascination with new media, research on the notions of discourse seems to me essential. My “sound architectures” question the grammar of sonic organization and the elements constituting the possible discourse of the audible. They seek to further explore new rhetoric through conceptual media interdisciplinarities between audiovisuals (cinema), literature (Nouveau roman, Oulipo, rhetorics), art (visual arts, architecture), and science (morphogenesis, natural models, theories of self-organization, systemics, human and communication sciences, cognitive sciences and perception, artificial intelligence). To this end, in 2012 I submitted a doctoral thesis — Du langage cinématographique à la musique acousmatique: écritures et structures (From cinematic language to acousmatic music: writing and structures) — on the possible relationships between cinematic grammar and digital audio music.

Lames de fond

Martin Bédard, Marie-Hélène Breault

empreintes DIGITALes – 2022


Martin Bédard

empreintes DIGITALes – 2013