Institutional Subscriptions

Thanks for your interest in our electroacoustic music service electro:thèque and your request into an educational access.

We have developed the following subscription model for educational institutions: a general IP-Address-Based Access.

IP-Address-Based Access

This is a very general type of access where any connection originating from a given IP-address has access to all the musical works of the service. The IP-Address-Based Access covers to 2 levels of ranges: 123.45.789.* or 123.45.*.* (where the * represents all numbers from 0 to 999).

The annual “IP-Address-Based Access” is licensed in packages of “5-simultaneous-users” starting at 296,25 CAD, up to 4 packages. Any additional simultaneous-user, thus 21st and above, is licensed at 19,75 CAD.

To Subscribe

If you accept our service agreement, all you have to do is write us at and we’ll quickly get back to you for a follow-up!

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